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Respectful Hiking

Paddock and Dam

On top of the Barossa offering of exceptional food and wine, there is also an abundance of nature to be explored through its walking trails. This map is a guide to help you decide on a path to take, incorporating walks of varying difficulty and lengths. There is something suitable for everyone. A key element of these hikes is to be respectful of the land you are on, the native flora and fauna around you, and other people and/or vehicles on the same path. Aboriginal nations were the first to care for these lands and some of the conservation parks you may be entering are sacred land. Please demonstrate due respect by not entering areas of restricted access, along with not touching or removing anything from the area.

For your safety and to protect the land you are walking on:
  • Always respect the land and stick to the trail provided (some trails include stretches of private property).
  • Keep to the right hand side when walking on main roads.
  • Always take at least 2L of water per person.
  • Ensure the weather is suitable before you go out hiking.
  • Be sun safe and slip, slop, slap.
  • Carry a first aid kit.
  • If you come across one of our slithery snake friends, leave it alone and never try to catch or kill it. To minimise your risk of coming across one, stick to trails and make a bit of noise when walking along. If you get bitten, stay as still as possible, call an ambulance and compress bitten limb with a bandage if possible.
  • Let someone know where you are going and your expected return time.
  • Do not enter any vineyards along the way (as this can be a biosecurity threat).
  • If there is an emergency, dial 000.
  • Take only photographs, leave only footprints.